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Creme Caramel & Creme Brulee…

September 13, 2009

Wednesday morning was my first free morning in a while, and I was so excited that I could finally just bake and relax! In our last practical on monday we made egg set desserts, so I couldn’t wait to try out creme caramel. Before I could start I had to go out and get myself some ramekins, and I ended up buying some aluminium ones. They worked well but they get really hot really quickly as the heat conducts through them really well, so I did get burnt a few times, but nothing serious! All in a day’s work.

They turned out really well, except for one thing… I forgot to grease them before I poured the custard in, so they didn’t come out as smooth on the outside as I was hoping! But they were really silky on the inside and the bittersweet caramel was an awesome contrast to the soft, smooth custard. Unfortunately I can’t post the recipe, but i’m gonna be trying out other recipes soon, and those will definately be posted!

Creme Caramels just out of the oven

Turned out Creme Caramel

Another dessert we made in practical was creme brulee. So so yummy! So I made that yesterday afternoon, well lets say we made that… Gareth (my boyfriend of almost 6 yrs) was spending the afernoon with me and was really sweet! He asked if I wanted to make dessert together, even tho he doesn’t particularly share my passion and enthusiasm for food! Needless to say, wen there wasn’t so much to do I found he left the kitchen and retired to his preferred spot on the couch in front of the tv to watch rugby. I couldn’t really blame him tho, it was the thought that counted:)

I wasn’t really sure how creme brulee was supposed to come out, as I haven’t eaten it in yrs! But a good friend of my mom’s was having dinner with us and its one of her favorite desserts, she said its the second best one she’s tasted. Second best? well im happy with that, there’s always room for improvement!

It was fun torching the tops, and Gareth rushed back into the kitchen to help with that one! Men and gadgets… and fire for that matter. But all in all they turned out great, really yummy and creamy!

Creme Brulee

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