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Busy days and blank stares…

December 17, 2009

As I sat down with my cup of tea to write this, I realised two things… One, that its 22h30 and this is the first time i’ve sat down to relax all day, and two, that G forgot to plug one of the hard drives back in when he fixed our pc, and murphy’s law, it would be the one with all my photos on it! Ok given that I wasn’t gonna post something amazing coz im dead tired and think I could very easily just zone out right here in front of my pc and stare blankly into the screen for hours…its not so bad. But I was gonna post some photos of some of the cakes I’ve made and decorated recently, which im really proud of! This beginning stage of falling in love with patisserie is amazing!

Work at the patisserie is amazing, but so hectic! And add that to planning for Christmas presents, and Christmas eve dinner with the family and you get me thinking about blogging every day, but never having time to do it, and when I do, like now, you get me nodding off in the middle of it. *sigh*

I decided this year that I’m going to use my new found passion and make gifts for everyone. There’s been sauces and truffles and caramels and spice rubs…you name it… and I’m loving every minute. I’m in the kitchen so much lately, maybe that’s why I never find time to get to blogging about it. But my plan is to post about all the Christmas stuff when Christmas is past!

And for now… to sleep…

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