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Beating Stress Part 1: Bread Rolls…

May 6, 2010
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Lets just say my life isn’t exactly all roses at the moment. G’s going to London for 2 weeks, practical exams going on, work getting busy…

Stress is nasty.

It creeps up on you, wraps its fingers around your neck and begins to tighten its grip. When you finally realise you’re choking,  it often takes a lot of effort to get away. I’m at that point at the moment, trying to get away.

Since this is (mostly) a whine free, pity party free zone I thought solutions would be better than problems.

So part 1 of my (hopefully) foolproof plan to beat stress is to make some bread. And note, the reason this works is because you knead, knead and knead some more! No using the machine on this one! Unless you’re stress free, then the machine works wonders.

First you take some yeast, and sprinkle it over some water…

Let it dissolve…

Mix it into the wet ingredients, then in goes the sifted flour…

Mix it all together…

Add more flour, enough to make a soft dough and knead away your frustrations. This dough needs a lot of kneading so its perfect for our purposes. When its silky and elastic, form it into a ball. Then into a bowl to proof (rise) in a warm place…

Once risen to double its original volume, knock it back on your work surface. (knock the air out, kind of like kneading again, but only 2-3 times)

Form the dough into balls and proof (let rise) some more, then into the oven to bake.

And that’s the simple method. I didn’t like way the rolls turned out, weird ingredients in the recipe made them a bit too cakey for me and too crisp on the out side. So I’ll hold out on posting the actual recipe as I want to tweek it a bit first. I also want to put together a comprehensive post about making bread but it might be a while you know, because of all this stress :)

So even though it wasn’t perfect it did provide some much needed stress relief, along with part 2, which is coming soon…

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