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Maple Syrup Mousse in an Edible Container (Daring Bakers)

April 27, 2011

This one’s going to be a short one. And perhaps a bit morbid. Apologies in advance. I’m feeling particularly de-motivated this week.

Although I’ve taken the past five days off work for the Easter weekend, I haven’t spent the time in the kitchen. Oh, I wanted to at first. That was before the milk tart debacle.

You don’t even want to know.

A few flops, doubt creeps in, and you lose your mojo.

At this very instant I’m standing at the kitchen counter typing this to stall the Malva Pudding I have to make for my sister A’s house-warming. I don’t want to be in here. I don’t want to trust myself with these ingredients right now. *sigh*

What does this have to do with Daring Bakers? Well, trying to take a photo of this completely stumped me for some reason. And that started this all.

Any advice on getting motivated after a run of flops? My pride is sufficiently bruised.

Go check out the Daring Kitchen for the rest of the daring baker’s entries and the recipe. I know for a fact that a lot of them are more motivated than me at this point. There are some amazing entries. And there are prizes. So vote!

The April 2011 Daring Bakers’ challenge was hosted by Evelyne of the blog Cheap Ethnic Eatz. Evelyne chose to challenge everyone to make a maple mousse in an edible container. Prizes are being awarded to the most creative edible container and filling, so vote on your favorite from April 27th to May 27th at!

We’ll chat about the chocolate savoiardi in a separate post.

PS. They turned out amazing.

PPS. That was also before the milk tart debacle. Go figure.

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  1. April 27, 2011 1:54 pm

    Oh no! Hope you get your mojo back soon. It can be nice to take a little break.

    • April 27, 2011 11:18 pm

      You were right :) I think a break from the kitchen was all I needed. Feeling miles better.

  2. mom permalink
    April 27, 2011 8:23 pm

    The Mava Pudding was great! Very yummy! Plates were cleaned and more will always be welcome. Just wish someone will work out how to keep the yummy stuff off the HIPS! Love ya

  3. April 27, 2011 9:25 pm

    Dont despair!

    I went through several edible paperweights before I found a milk tart recipe that worked at all never mind tasted the way I have always had it. The recipe I found that works every time is on my site if you regain determination, not sure how to adjust it to be gluten free though.

    There’s nothing more depressing than making a flop but that mousse looks like anything but so chin up!! :)

    • April 27, 2011 11:25 pm

      Thanks so much for your encouragement Rose! It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who’s struggled with such a simple thing as milk tart. Just bookmarked your recipe. :) It looks divine and a lot easier than the ones I’ve been trying out. Hopefully we’ll have a gluten free version of it here as soon as I get my courage back to tackle it again. :)

  4. April 28, 2011 12:20 pm

    Take a break, and relax :-)

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