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May 10, 2011

Avoidance. We all indulge in it.

It’s so easy but oh so deceiving. A false sense of security creeps over you while the problem festers in the background.

Lately I’ve been indulging way too much and it’s finally caught up with me. And it’s not pretty. Stress. Insomnia. Mood Swings. I’m pretty much a mess.

Avoidance may give you a short time of “peace” while you bury yourself in other things but it doesn’t solve the problem. When you’re finally forced to face it, it’s often grown into something bigger while you had your head in the sand.

What do you do when life gives you too much to handle? I just don’t know at this point. All I know is that I’m being forced to grow up pretty damn fast.

Oh, and money sucks.

We should go back to the barter system.

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